What came to be of this idea is now called the Floe Craft AFINA, a 39.5-foot "sport yacht convertible," which Floe calls "The Ultimate Crossover." The fore and aft decks are open for when the weather is optimal, as is the cabin, which is also open air and roofless. But when the weather changes, you can close the windows, roof and doors, keeping your crew out the elements. This coming addition to WBL products is another way to fully extend our best services to you. Stay tuned.



Technical data: L.o.a. 39.5’
 Beam 11’
 Draft at the keel on the hull 20”, keel of out drive in the fully down position 36”
 Fuel tank capacity 200 Gallons
 Water tank capacity 45 gallons
 Waste tank capacity The black water tank is 34 gallons. The only thing that goes in this tank is from the toilet. The sinks and shower drain overboard.
 Engine Options Mercury Marine twin 250hp V6, twin 300hp V8, twin 350hp V8, twin 430hp V8, twin 260hp V6 diesel, twin 370hp V8 diesel.
 Max Speed 60 MPH
 Cruising speed 25-35 MPH
 No. of people approximately 20

THIS CRAFT COULD BE YOUR CABIN! For years, Cabin Living has featured Floe docks, boat lifts and trailers. But now, something new is coming: a boat named the Floe Craft. Of course, most cabiners cannot imagine this 39.5-foot craft docked at their cabins. But, if you’re a real water lover, the Floe Craft could be your cabin. This craft includes a galley, a ton of seating and a state room with a standup shower and porcelain toilet. The Floe Craft is a convertible boat so you’re not at the mercy of the weather – you can enjoy open-air boating when the weather’s nice, or close up the 11- foot retractable roof and 12-foot power side windows when foul weather threatens. And there’s heat and A/C, as well. 


article by Shari Horton


Wayne Floe, CEO of FLOE International based out of McGregor, conceptualized it over 15 years ago. His vision and dream is about to come to fruition this summer with the launch of the luxury FLOE CRAFT AFINA 3950. “The FLOE CRAFT AFINA is a unique 39.5-foot sport yacht convertible that performs and maneuvers like a speedboat yet provides the comfort and entertainment space of a small yacht,” said Floe, who refers to it as the “ultimate crossover.” “For sure, it was a huge commitment,” added Floe. “After prototype testing proved to be so successful, I knew that the FLOE CRAFT had to go to the next level and that meant I had to build a new building. You see my vision for FLOE CRAFT was to have them produced in a well-equipped, state-of-the art facility.”     “Another key ingredient in the production process was assembling a world-class team of people,” explained FLOE president Don VanderMey. That team includes Steve Gilman, director of operations, who brings a wealth of experience in design leadership along with an ensemble of specialists in design, engineering and production. Development of the FLOE CRAFT AFINA 3950 prototype began in 2008, and in the last two years alone, Floe’s engineering team has put in over 8,000 hours solely devoted to crafting the CAD model. The CAD model is so detailed that virtually every component right down to the switches are shown in 3D. FLOE also invested in a five-axis CNC machine that allows for very demanding 3D designs to be brought into reality via the production tooling that it cuts.

Revolutionary design

The revolutionary boat was designed to meet Wayne Floe’s six criteria: climate control, easy operation and maneuverability, expanded livability and comfort, a hull with exceptional performance, easy boarding and a design that entices everyone to want to spend more time onboard. The FLOE CRAFT AFINA 3950 provides the ability to extend the boating season thanks to its climate control, which includes both air conditioning and heat. It features an 11-foot power-retractable roof and 12-foot power side windows allowing passengers to fully enjoy their boating experience in comfort. With the touch of a button, the vessel virtually transforms from an open-air boat to an enclosed cabin in mere seconds. “We believe we are the first fully-convertible boat in the industry,” said Gilman. Regardless of one’s boating experience, this vessel is also easy and fun to maneuver thanks to a joystick system that enables anyone to dock like a pro. The grand view cabin was designed with comfort in mind, featuring a 360-degree view, full galley and spacious seating. The 39.5-foot uni-deck open floor plan includes three zones of separate living space on one level. The state room below deck includes a full-size bed, ample seating space and bathroom with a stand-up shower and porcelain toilet. The inverted V tunnel hull boasts shallow draft resulting in low drag and fuel efficiency. “It planes off quickly and the overall speed and agility catches most people by surprise,” said VanderMey. In addition, boarding the vessel couldn’t be easier from the dock, beach or water with its four access points and a retractable ladder located in both the bow and stern.

Floe’s sixth criteria was exceeded by the inclusion of quality finishing touches like solid walnut cabinetry and accents, Soft Touch vinyls and a premium four-zone marine stereo system.
“Once you board this vessel, you may never want to leave,” added Gilman.
“After five years of tireless testing with three fully-functional prototype boats, we are confident we have the standards for all six areas covered,” concluded VanderMey.