Increase the value of your waterfront property

WBL out-of-water storage lifts and docks has economic and sustainable benefits to waterfront property as well as to boat owners. WBL propose a new generation of boat lift and easy docking  systems with  better structural and material reliability that are easily installed or removed in seasons. WBL is a Family owned business servicing Western Canada with FLOE products since  2001.  WBL also offers quality utility trailers and lake front accessories in order to combine environmental innovation and cost-effectiveness, while still satisfying the goal of keeping your waterfront property safe, tidy and enjoyable. 

Western Boat lifts & Dock waterfront Solutions 

Stored 24/7 on water and against inadequate structures, your craft is vulnerable from a host of environmental factors, from marine growth, docking shocks, battering of the waves resulting  in unnecessary maintenance costs. Above the water, you boat is safely out of reach, dry until the time comes for you to launch it again. Safe, efficient and tidy access to your boat is are indispensable features that our water front technology can offer you. Our services includes customized layout design,  docks and boat lifts installation and also removal as needed.  

VERTICAL Boat lifts

Among a variety of boat lifts, Easy-Level  is an efficient system that allows you to level your boat lift with a cordless drill.  Patented screw drive technology this boat lift is faster, quieter and extremely efficient. You can now raise and lower your boat  with a remote control. Great looking, snug fitting, extra deep boat lift canopy maximizes boat protection.


We invite you to take a look at our quality workmanship and design. We go the extra mile to meet or exceed your expectations. To ensure safety, maintains quality standards, and to assure your satisfaction our docks are designed with smooth edges and corners. Our dock systems offer unique features that make them simple to install, level, and remove.


WBL has an utility trailer to fit any of your needs. Floe trailers are the most versatile and the most reliable utility trailers sold in Western Canada. Our FLOE trailers are well designed with thoughtful extruded aluminum profiles. Many of our these aluminum profiles are engineered to offer multiple useful features while adding structural strength to the frame.

CLEAN WATER Hydrosweep

The HydroSweep Pro is a fully adjustable dock mounted thruster that keeps waterfronts, dock areas, and ponds clean from algae, trash, and decaying surface debris by mimicking natural water movement. When installed bellow the water line, the HydroSweep Pro produces optimal results, leaving a clean and safe shoreline for you and your family. 


Water sports and leisure are a big part of outdoor activity across Western Canada and the demand for new and more efficient crafts are increasing. FLOE specializes in docks, boat lifts and other marine accessories began to conceive an innovative craft in which you can enjoy the sun yet still be shielded from the elements if need be.... a craft that can also handle like a power boat.